3 Horrific Lies About Gun Defense Techniques That Your Martial Art Already Has You Believing

Whenever I see these gun disarm videos from martial artists I wonder to myself if they really believe people who hold guns are total fucking idiots. I’ve had ARs, AKs, automatics, revolvers, and everything in between pointed at me… I can only remember a handful of times when someone was so stupid to get close enough to me with their gun that I could have taken it without sucking lead for lunch. Once some gang members surrounded me and put a gun to my face so I understand, they had the advantage of numbers. Hence felt no threat from me, and I was surrounded so sure they went on a power trip. Another time was a police officer, dumbass rookie, standing in front of me and he had his rifle on fullauto and finger on the trigger yelling at me. But even that kid was smart enough to stay a good 5 feet away so all my acrobatic ninja techniques were useless. I talked and body languaged my way out of that one. One of my close friends was whisked away to interrogation in a not so pleasant dictatorship just before meeting me…agents surrounded the brother and dissappeared him with overwhelming force up close. No lone idiot with a gun to his head wondering what to do next. So…when does a scenario like the one above actually happen in reality? Truthfully, rarely my dear friends. These are the typical circus techniques taught in martial arts seminars to wow students and get their money, but they have little grounding in reality. And even less value because they’re taught without any context.

Now education, let’s see the lies.

1. Gunmen WILL shoot you. If someone points a gun at you and doesn’t shoot…they want something besides killing you, or they’re hesitating, either way you have an opportunity and it isn’t aerial kicks…it’s brains and balls. Understanding their motivation is key to defusing the situation and both of you getting out of this alive. And yes I said BOTH of you. Because sometimes injuring or killing the wrong person can land you in more hot water when that person’s tribe/cartel/gang/ etc come to find you after. So, you can give what they want, say what they want, or otherwise negotiate with this person. None of which require techniques but rather brains and the cool demeanor of a negotiator because not everyone wants to shoot you.

Gun defense techniques
Messing with any of their friends would put you and your family in an early grave

2. You MUST take martial action. If someone points a gun at you with the intention to fire at you, you will either see it and start to run for cover, or you’ll be shot at and escape, or if you don’t identify the threat he’ll have shot you before you can react, thus you’re dead or injured. There is no negotiations in this scenario. When you identify a threat, escape to cover, deploy countermeasures. Given the incredible unlikelihood of someone allowing you to just grab their weapon, the need for physical martial maneuvers is greatly diminished. But the need for martial mental manœuvres is greatly increased so you can think your way through the situation as quickly as possible.

Gun Defense Techniques

3. Everything taught in seminars works. If by the grace of the beloved, sweet Lord God Almighty, you can physically get close enough to the person to take their weapon, well then guess what…it’s technique time. Now you can actually do some cool shit to remove their weapon. How many times will this happen though? well…it depends on proximity very much. Usually, if a person tries to DEPLOY a gun on you DURING a fight, now you are in the range to actually effect disarms and other cool stuff. But this is rarely taught because most people teaching it haven’t been drawn upon or learned from people with experience, hence delusional techniques from Sesame Street fill the martial arts world. If they spent 1 hour speaking to gang members instead of 6978 hours training for the circus they’d realize quickly that people like to shoot other people from a distance. But hey, that doesn’t sell seminars so they continue with the circus acts and sell it as “hardcore combat” training from the Navy Seals. It worked in the seminar so must work in real life, right? No. My bro, Navy Seals shoot motherfuckers in the back and if they’re up close, guess what, you’re already bleeding and subdued. Enough listening to crocpot instructors who show flashy crap with zero context just to fool students. So go ahead and learn simple disarms for the blue moon night you might use them, it can happen, but better still, get a good pair of Nike runners so you can head for cover when the bullets fly. And if the Navy Seals or anyone like them really are coming for you, chill out and order Dominos as your last meal, running won’t help, you’ll just die tired.

If you want to learn how to think and understand adversaries, start with the Warrior Mindset training module in our Free Course here. Or get the full course in our membership section teeming with hardcore training material.


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