Our Core Combat Training System: Pencak Silat Sharaf

Pencak Silat Sharaf, as an edged -weapons based system, is one of the most effective close-quarter fighting arts taught today. The system is based on the traditional Indonesian martial systems which were developed uniquely to kill, capture, or control sophisticated and trained opponents…not just run of the mill muggers. That combined with my personal experience on the street and on the ambulance has made Silat Sharaf respected as a serious player in tough environments. The system is simple to learn, extremely aggressive, and forward thinking so it adapts to the time and environment. An awesome combination of past and the present. 

  • Emptyhand Combat: punches, knees, elbows, kicks, survival of initial surprise attacks
  • Edged Weapons: knives and machetes
  • Impact Weapons: bats, sticks, poles, tactical batons
  • Improvised Weapons: sharpened credit cards, glass, stones, etc
  • Groundfighting: locks, traps, armed and unarmed
  • Firearms and Projectiles: handguns, shotguns, rifles, throwing knives, bow and arrows, rocks, you name it we throw it.
  • Emergency Medical and Rescue Tactics
  • Warrior Mindset Training: developing the mindset required to willingly use violence against adversaries

Reality-focused Combat Training

TUS training is ultimately focused on personal survival and victory in very difficult circumstances. So training is geared towards development of realistic survival skills that can be used in multiple scenarios, armed or unarmed, all over the world. Many of our students and instructors are therefore medics, law enforcement, nurses, corrections officers, professional martial artists and others who take their training seriously and depend on it for life. The curriculum of Silat Sharaf therefore upgrades on a yearly basis to make modifications and changes according to our research, testing, and retrospectives from members who have used our training in real situations. We are an international tribe of warriors and that shows clearly in everything we do. Improvement and upgrading of curriculum and skill sets is just another example of how we push ourselves, and you, towards high performance in challenging situations.

Urban Survival and Mental Skills

Our leadership team are people from all walks of life who have had practical experience in challenging areas of the world and actually used what they teach. So we all know that martial arts alone is simply not enough sometimes. As an expert in urban survival you must understand the environment, psychology of your adversaries, have a comprehension of situational analysis, negotiation skills, and other tools in your mental profile that will assist you in surviving dangerous circumstances without the use of force.